Play Final Fantasy Sonic X1 Flash Game Online


How to Play: Use the mouse to make selections This is the flash game that started the ever popular Final Fantasy Sonic Series. The battles are not yet fully interactive but there are still important choices to be made. Sonic rolls out of bed and straight into a street fight… literally! A fun and classic Sonic flash game.

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Play Ultimate Flash Sonic Game Online


How to Play: Arrows: Move – Space: Jump Enter 595313131313131 as the password to unlock everything!Ultimate Flash Sonic is a complete redesign of Sonic the Hegdehog in flash. The game plays very well and contains many of the elements of the original Sonic for Sega. Very fun and addicting!

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Play Sonic Xtreme Flash Game Online


How to Play: L/R Arrows: Move – Space: JumpSonic Xtreme is another version of Sonic the Hedgehog. In Sonic Xtreme, the physics and gameplay are quite different than the other more traditional Sonic games. There are mario characters, spiked pits, and time limits to complete each stage.

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Play Megaman Zero Flash Game Online


Arrows or WASD: Move | K: Jump | J: Shoot | L: Dash | P: PauseMegaman Zero is a different kind of Mega Man game. You are Zero, not Megaman and instead of a gun, you have a short range spear attack. Many of the enemies do have a similiar feel to the original games and you can still jump ...

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Play Megaman X2 Flash Game Online


WASD: Move | P: Jump | L: Dash | Space: Shoot | CTRL: PauseMegaman Project X2 is another well made Mega Man game. In this version, you choose to play as Mega Man, Zero, or Bass. Next, you get to choose which stage you want to play from 4 different stages. The object is to complete the stage as quickly ...

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Play Megaman x Flash Game Online


Arrows: Move | Arrow-Up: Jump | Space: Shoot (hold to charge)Megaman Project X is a nice rendition of the great Mega Man games. It plays like the classic Megaman X games for the super nintendo with side scrolling action and all kinds of baddies to fight. Megaman X includes the ability to charge your weapon and cling to walls. This ...

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Play Pacxon Flash Game Online


Carefully block off the ghosts by eating the columns and rows of the grid. Once Pacxon eat 80% of the grid, you win! If a ghost hits you or even if the ghost hits the column or row that you’re eating, you’ll lose a life. As a general strategy, don’t bite off more than you can chew… literally. Only eat ...

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Play Ms Pacman Flash Game Online


The classic Ms Pacman game has been redone in flash and you can play it right here. Just like in Pac man, you have to collect all the little pellets to complete the levels and move on. See if you can reach level 256! No seriously, check out the videos below and be sure to check out the Ms Pacman ...

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Play Pacman Flash Game Online


 Pacman In the early1980s, Namco developed Pac man and it became a world wide phenomenom. Today Pacman is still played all over the world despite it being released nearly 30 years ago. This unofficial Pacman flash game was remade by Neave and is a tribute to the original in every way imagineable. Munch down all the pellets while avoiding the ...

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