Texas Hold’em Hands

Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo has been steadily rising in popularity among casino players. It is an intricate version of the original game.

Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo sounds complicated and difficult but is in fact quite simple to get the hang of. The principle difference between hi-lo games and high only games is that in hi-lo games, the lowest hand gets half the pot (A-2-3-4-5).

A low hand can contain a flush or a straight but no pairs while the highest card permitted in the low part is an eight, as the name Seven-Card Stud Eight-or-Better might suggest. Scooping the pot is a situation in which the same player wins both the high and the low portions. In this regards, the best possible hi-lo hands

involves the little ace-to-five straight flush.

The basic rules of the game are more or less the same as those of Seven-Card Hi. A player receives three cards, two of them faced down and one faced up. The hand having the lowest ranked cards starts betting, and once all players have acted, the remaining players receive a fourth card each, faced up. The player having the best two-card starts the game. It continues this way until every player has seven cards, three faced down and four faced up. The best five-card poker hand gets half the pot while the best low hand takes the remaining half. In case there isn't a low hand, then the high hand gets the entire pot.

Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo is also known as Seven-Card Stud Eight-or-Better as well as Seven-Card Stud 8/B. Its popularity has been given a big boost after it was part of the extremely popular $50,000 buy-in H.O.R.S.E. event that occurred at the World Series of Poker in 2006.

Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo is a famous high-stakes games played at Bobby's Room in Las Vegas, with blinds ranging between four thousand and eight thousand dollars.

In the game of Texas Hold’em it is important that all players understand just what are the best and worst kinds of hands (set of cards) that they can hold.
Certainly knowing what are the best and worst kinds of Texas Hold’em hands a player is holding will help them go along way to improving their game and therefore helping them maximize their chances of actually winning and so making money.
In this article we will take a look at some of the various kinds of hands which are considered to be the best or worst that a player can have at anyone time when participating in a game of Texas Hold’em.
Some of the best hands that a player can find that they have during such poker games are as follows:
– This is the best hand that any poker player could hope to have in his hand and will help you to win more games than any other hand during a game will do.
– Although this hand is still incredibly strong when playing in Texas Hold’em it certainly is not able to dominate a game in the same way that Ace-Ace can and will be beaten easily if a player holds such cards in their hands.
– Yet another very strong hand but in order to win with this kind of hand the player needs to know that the flop is working for them rather than against them. This will then hopefully provide them with a further Ace or King which will make their position and hand within the game much stronger. Plus it is better if you have the Ace and King from the same suit (suited) if at all possible as these are much stronger than those that are unsuited (not from the same suit).
– This hand is strong when a player is competing against others whose hands only contain jacks or lower. But should another player being holding either of the above hands we have mentioned then this hand is not going to be able to help the player in winning the game at all.
Whilst the types of hands that you should not consider playing with when competing in any tournaments or games of Texas Hold’em are as follows:
Ace-Low Card which are Unsuited
– Often when a player first starts taking part in Texas Hold’em games they will think that this is a good hand to hold on to. Unfortunately although it is an okay hand and may win you a game occasionally it should not be relied upon especially when a raise has been played by any of the previous players.
Face and Lower Card which are Unsuited
– Again as with the above mentioned this kind of Texas Hold’em hands is likely to cause you to lose more than win. So at all costs as soon as you see another player raising the ante in the middle it is best to fold rather than lose any more.